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Connecting the right family with the right puppy. 

Welcome to Somidoodles, we are Goldendoodle breeders based out of South Miami. Our focus is to produce healthy and strong puppies perfect for your family. With families in mind we raise them in our home allowing them to spend time with our kids and exposing them to different sounds . We are proud of the quality of dogs we have produced and are glad to see the results of our hard work through the families that are impacted. Click the learn more button to see our Available Puppies .

About us 

Join our Waitlist : Reach out for information on a specific puppy. We offer video calls for you to meet them. We may have availability so its always best to reach out


We are a family of 4 that are privileged to spend 8 weeks with each puppy before they join your Family. As a close-knit family of four, we consider ourselves privileged to spend a remarkable 8 weeks nurturing and caring for each puppy before they embark on their journey to join your loving family. It is during this crucial period that we create a solid foundation of love, socialization, and individual attention to ensure each puppy is ready to bring joy and happiness into their new home

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Meet our Dogs : Nothing would be possible without our dogs. We love them so much and are so grateful for every single one of them.

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